Saying the same as your Competitors?

15 Apr, 2020

Are you saying the same thing as your competitors? If you replaced your logo with one of your competitors above your strapline, would it still make sense?

If the answer is Yes, it’s time for change because you’re saying the same as your competitors. You’re not showing your prospective customers how you are better and different, which will make it harder to compete.

(Too) many years ago I worked for one of the then big 4 banks. An exercise we did was to get a leaflet from each bank, and interchange the logos and straplines. Did they still all make sense? You bet they did because all the banks looked, sounded and came across as the same.

No genuine Competitive Positioning, means you are nowhere near maximising the power of all your commercial activities.

Still today most businesses just sell products and services on features and benefits, very few are genuinely Competitively Positioned. Those that are simply outperform those that aren’t.

Join the revolution. . .for genuine Competitive Positioning. Well, it sounded ok in my head!

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