Be heard better

19 Feb, 2020

‘We live in the world’s first over-communicated society’. You might think some marketing boffin made this insightful remark in the last few years. It was in fact Al Ries who made it way back in 1980 in his classic book ‘Positioning – the battle for your mind’ (well worth a read if you have time). So long before the internet or any mobile communication.

Be heard better

What must he think now? Social media land has caused a veritable tsunami of communication since then. Businesses scrambling to find clear ground where they can get their message seen in a place inhabited by almost all of the other 5.5 million companies in the UK.

Great marketing is about putting the right message out to the right person through the right channel, so your key messages are heard better than your competitors. It’s not just all about what goes on in social media land. There are other ways to save you from the tsunami.

The irony of this post? I’m adding to the mightily over-communicated world. It’s like saying you’re stuck in traffic.

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