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28 Feb, 2020

Ok, I am mildly obsessed with logistics companies, I’ll admit it. But only because they seem to give little thought to how they can stand out from their competitors.

We created this mock advert as part of the spoof mini newspaper we developed to let people know what we do in a light-hearted way. I just picked 3 logistics companies at random:

Tongue in cheek advert, but with a big message! Taken from the spoof mini newspaper we did all about Direct Mail Boutique.

DPD – your delivery experts

Downton – delivers

Gregory – delivering winners (what does that mean?)

The least I would expect from a logistics company is that they deliver what I entrust to them. Although I know some of them unfortunately don’t do that sometimes! So it’s largely pointless just saying that. There’s got to be more that their target customers value that they can build a more unique competitive positioning around, so it doesn’t risk just coming down to price.

If we ever ‘deliver’ a weak competitive positioning like this as part of the super creative direct mail packs we do, then I’ve told my team to pack me up and ship me off to work for a logistics company.

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