Make your intangible business tangible

3 Mar, 2020

Make your intangible (service) business tangible. . .

Service businesses are amongst the hardest marketing challenges out there. Nothing to touch, feel, see. Resorting to lots of words (often the same words) and all too often marketing experiences that are a bit dull.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the simple marketing example from years ago of Sid the local decorator looking to stand out and drum up more business (from the excellent book ‘Brilliant Marketing’).

Instead of stuffing yet another leaflet through letter boxes like everyone else, he got a load of sample paint pots and printed a message on the labels saying, ‘Hi I’m Sid, your local decorator. Ask me to quote if you want a job done and I’ll give you the first litre of paint I use free (even, gulp, Farrow & Ball). My phone number is XYZ. Thanks for reading my pot, Sid.’ He then left a pot on each doorstep.

Simplicity itself. But far more creative, with much more impact and oozing real personality. The result? Overwhelmingly greater response than the usual leaflet.

It’s a visual, experiential world we live in these days. Making a business tangible in ways that connect with its target customers will definitely push it ahead of the competition. Just ask Sid!

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