‘No one’s doing direct mail anymore’

4 Mar, 2020

‘No one’s doing direct mail anymore’. . .

I hear this quite often, as a reason for not considering it as part of a company’s marketing programme. My reply is simple, that’s exactly why our super creative direct mail packs stand out, create impact and deliver impressive results.

Stand out more from the crowd

Sadly I’m old enough to remember the time 20 years ago when every business was doing direct mail. Usually pretty poorly, crusty and boring. Making it difficult to stand out and be heard.

Now hardly anyone is doing direct mail and every business is on social media. Usually pretty poorly. Making it difficult to stand out and be heard. For direct mail 20 years ago, swap social media now.

For me great marketing is about putting the right message out to the right person through the right channel, so your competitive messages definitely get heard by exactly the individual person you wish to speak with.

It’s exciting making the unfashionable fashionable again. And delivering real results for businesses.

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