Print’s not dead. Read all about it!

18 Mar, 2020

Print’s not dead! Read all about it. . .

I hear a lot that print marketing is as past it as Sinclair C5s and pagers. In this age seemingly dominated by digital, I can understand why you might think that print marketing, and in our case creative direct mail, is as dead as the proverbial dodo. Maybe that’s what some digital marketing folk want businesses to believe. . .

So I thought I’d share some fascinating research I found recently about Direct Mail from 2019. Yes mail volumes have declined by about 25% in the last 10 years, but response rates to Direct Mail have risen during that time, quite significantly. And they absolutely wallop digital marketing response rates. Very interesting.

The research highlighted 8 reasons why direct mail is thriving: (1) higher ROI; (2) targets prospects better; (3) more measurable; (4) less common so you stand out more; (5) far more creative; (6) multi sensory; (7) more memorable; (8) people still love to get things in the post!

Plus it works even better when combined with great digital marketing. Multi channel marketing as always better than single channel.

So print marketing and direct mail in particular is very much alive and kicking, delivering impressive results for businesses. Phew, otherwise we’d be out of a job!

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