Rise above this age of sameness

8 Apr, 2020

We live in an ‘age of sameness’, where too many products/services are indistinguishable. Hand on heart, how different are you genuinely from your competitors?

It’s a constant challenge for business – how to rise above this age of sameness, where products, services and companies are basically the same, or perceived to be. The big risk being that customers commoditise what you do and choose mainly on price.

Offering enhanced features is no longer enough – there’s not enough perceived value in them and they are easily copied. In today’s world of mass product/service proliferation, the age of sameness is only growing stronger.

The key is to connect emotionally with the mind of your Prospects in the areas they value the most. Make it so memorable you remain uppermost in their minds for opportunities. This is what Competitive Positioning is all about.

We completely understand that many businesses are currently focusing on how to survive. Others are looking at how they can come out of this Coronavirus period stronger. If you can, now is a great time to work on this for your business, so you come out of this situation significantly advantaged over your competitors.

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