Stand out more

20 Feb, 2020

Most companies sell products and services, very few businesses are strongly competitively positioned. Those businesses that are simply outperform those that aren’t.

To be strongly competitively positioned, a business needs to identify how they are genuinely better than and different from their competitors. All in areas that their target customers value most highly.

Stand out more

Without this insight, so many businesses revert to price or platitudes like ‘great customer service’. Price is so often a downward spiral to the bottom, and great customer service is not differentiating unless you do have something very special and all your competitors have ‘crap customer service’ as part of their proposition.

If we had £10 every time we’d heard about a business struggling to stand out, we’d have a few thousand quid by now. Ok, not enough to retire on. But those business owners saying it might have been able to retire by now had they focused on what genuinely makes them better than and different from their competitors.

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