Stand out is not just for big companies

11 Mar, 2020

Standing out from the competition is not just for big companies. . .

As well as my mild obsession with logistics companies (see earlier post), I humbly confess to being ever so slightly obsessed with the fascinating subject of Competitive Positioning.

Here’s another mock advert that featured in the spoof mini newspaper we made to let people know what we do in a not very serious way.

The prevailing opinion amongst too many SMEs I’ve met is that identifying a strong Competitive Position and putting that at the heart of everything you do is only for the very big companies.

Not so. We’ve identified compelling Competitive Positionings for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from those with turnovers of tens of £000s, to those with sales in the £Ms.

Discovering how you are genuinely better than your competitors, in areas that your target customers value most highly, is just great business for every business. Companies that are strongly competitively positioned simply outperform those that aren’t.

So. . .Think different. You’ll be lovin’ it. Just do it.

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