Target much more precisely

25 Feb, 2020

A lot of marketing these days has reverted to megaphone tactics. Shout, blast it out there, as often as possible, in the hope that your target customers will be over-communicated into submission.

I was always brought up to believe and also prove that precise targeting got you much better results, getting you in front of more of your target customers. Particularly when you base your key message around your strong Competitive Positioning.

Target much more precisely

Some people will have you believe that quieter, precisely targeted marketing is a bit old fashioned, given the age we live in. This is just not so if you bring it right up to date, can integrate it seamlessly with tech and uphold eco credentials.

To be honest, the quieter, really precisely targeted marketing is all we do. Not the boring, crusty type of stuff of yesteryear. But the forward looking, premium, super creative type. Reaching exactly the individual person that companies want to speak with in their top target customers.

Back to the future as Marty surely said 35 years ago.

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