Your ‘Why You’


The vital ingredient

Why it’s so important

Enjoy huge benefits

How we find your ‘Why You’

The vital ingredient in our clever Direct Mail packs is your company’s unique ‘Why You’.

Your ‘Why You’ is the most powerful commercial tool you can discover for your business.

But what exactly is it?

Put simply, your ‘Why You’ is a compelling set of words that explain very succinctly and easily why customers should buy from you instead of from your competitors. It shows them how your business is genuinely better than your competitors. In all the areas that they value the most.

In theory it’s a simple concept, but it’s fiendishly difficult to get right. It’s something that many businesses, large and small, don’t bother doing at all or, if they do, they often tumble into the many pitfalls.

The great news is that we identify your unique ‘Why You’ as the key part of developing your creative Direct Mail pack. It is the magic dust that delivers the much higher Positive Response Rates that businesses enjoy with our Direct Mail campaigns.

Just read on to discover a bit more about this fascinating subject.

Why your ‘Why You’ is so important


We live in a very noisy world these days


Every business has so many competitors


Customers have so much choice


Customers can only take in a few of the messages they see

All of these mean businesses have to work really hard to stand out and to get their ‘Why You’ messages right under the noses of the target customers they wish to speak with.

If a business hasn’t identified their unique ‘Why You’, they will find it so much harder to compete. It will take a huge effort for them to win each new customers. Often this means businesses have to resort to price, the last place anyone wants to end up.

Your ‘Why You’ work should be the starting point for your Strategy, as well as the start for all major new Product/Service launches. It should drive everything you do, from team behaviours and performance, through to your strategy, customer experience, new products, brand and all commercial activities.

Most businesses sell their Products and Services based on features and benefits. Very few businesses work out their compelling ‘Why You’, which is far more powerful than features and benefits. Those that do identify their ‘Why You’ outperform those that don’t. Usually by a large margin.

Slightly tongue in cheek advert, but with a big message! Taken from the spoof mini newspaper we did about Direct Mail Boutique.

Enjoy transformative benefits

Identifying a compelling ‘Why You’, and then placing it at the heart of everything you do, can be truly transformative for your business. Here are 10 huge benefits a business experiences after identifying their strong ‘Why You’:


It gives very clear direction for the business and the team


They will stand out much more from their competitors


It’s easier for a business to compete on a range of value adding things, not just price


It’s a great starting point for positive conversations with the right customers




They will connect far better with what’s most important to their prospects


Far more customers will choose to do business with them


Their rate of growth will accelerate significantly


They will   beat their competitors,  and their industry as a whole


It brings real inspiration for the team,  driving performance ever higher


It energises your whole business, and renews your passion for it 

How we discover your ‘Why You’

Another spoof advert from our mini newspaper, again with a big message.

A company’s ‘Why You’ – why customers should choose you instead of your competitors – is the vital ingredient in our clever Direct Mail packs.

It’s the big reason why our packs deliver such impressive results for businesses. Here’s a quick overview of how we go about discovering the all-important ‘Why You’:

    1. Get into your Prospect’s mind – what’s important to them, the problems they’re facing. Not being clear on this risks getting your ‘Why You’ wrong, and not making that strong emotional connection with your target customers.
    2. Build up a detailed knowledge of 3 things – (1) your competitors; (2) your market; (3) your target customers
    3. Our proven approach – we work with you to eke out all the key information to build your strong ‘Why You’. It’s all down to us asking the right questions and looking in the right places.
    4. Create the 2 exciting parts that make up your ‘Why You’:
      1. Your strong Central Message – how you are genuinely better than your competitors
      2. Your compelling Value Messages – the best explanation of why a customer should buy from you, not from your competitors.
    5. Build your clever Direct Mail pack around this hugely rich content – bringing your ‘Why You’ and your business to life like no other form of marketing.

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